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Just saw this interesting interview of Bill Gates by Charlie Rose.  What I found really interesting was the passion Bill still has not just for Microsoft but also for technology in general but mostly for philanthropy (his Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation is the world’s largest).

I want to comment on a point I found most interesting.

His thirst for knowledge (of all sorts not just for technology) is what make him a great Entrepreneur. He is still very curious not just about society but about history, language, physics, medicine …. so many things. This is indeed one important characteristic of a truly great Entrepreneur. I find that in the case of many young Entrepreneurs today they lack this hunger for knowledge. Yes they read all the tech magazines and blogs but this gives them only a narrow view of the world. They also find it difficult to interact with people outside their circle, so end up in a technology cocoon.

I have even found that many of them have never even read about strategy or marketing, what more social sciences or history. This is no way to be a great Entrepreneur.

So my advise to anyone who wants to succeed as an Entrepreneur is to read widely, read everything. Curiosity is what makes one successful. It drives an Entrepreneur to seek out new things, new processes, new discoveries and new solutions. Ask “why?” and you are on the way to solving the puzzle.

Make sure you don’t end up in a “Technology Cocoon” or “Marketing Cocoon” or any other cocoon.

You can view the video here:

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