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In a previous article I shared with you the thoughts of a panel & participants on Whats Hot in 2009. Even better than what panelists say is what investors have actually been investing in especially in late 2008 as they are investing for 2009 and beyond. The best global gauge of technology investing is the USA, so what have US VCs been investing in?

The following graphic on industries that they invest in is interesting.
In the US the top 3 sectors are biotechnology, software & energy. Media and entertainment (which is what Creative Content covers in Malaysia) is a distant 5th.  Outsourcing is not even on their radar (thats obvious), broadband & mobile is in 8th place. Web2.0 is probably covered under software while clean tech is 3rd under energy.

So we are doing ok with our Hot 2009 except for biotech which is BIG in the USA but we didn’t have even a single Biotech Entrepreneur at our event. Perhaps much of our Biotech is still being done at Universities and has not got into the mainstream yet. This is food for thought for Malaysian Biotech Corporation.

So what should Entrepreneurs do in 2009? Besides Biotech, in the ICT sector software, creative content & IT services is definitely Hot. Because of the financial crisis computers and consumer products rank quite low, so very cold. In conclusion we are still on the right track with the hot sectors in ICT, now if only we can persuade the Biotech Entrepreneurs to join the party!

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