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Its been a while since my last Blog post and the truth is I haven’t been inspired enough to write another post. It was easy enough to start but to keep your blog alive & kicking is something else.

Then I came across these two stories in the New York Times and, well its a Sunday and I really don’t want to be another statistic in the graveyard of blogs, so …

According to the NYT article entitled ‘Blogs falling in an empty forest” 95% of the 133 million blogs (wow thats a huge number of blogs & thats in 2008) are essentially dead or abandoned. These are blogs that did not post anything in 120 days or more.

Reading the article I get the sense that most people just tire of posting especially when they don’t have many readers. Some people also have great expectations of getting a gazillion readers and making money off advertisements. However, only the most popular blogs ever get enough advertising dollars to actually make blogging monetarily rewarding like Techcrunch or Gizmodo. Many rely on special interest posting but according to the second article on NYT, Get the Tech Scuttlebutt!, rumors seems to be the big thing in attracting readership. Thats human nature I guess.

So the lessons for creating a great blog and avoiding the Blog Graveyard are:

1) Find a niche in which there is a large group of interested readers (technology, politics, sports, cars),

2) Write interesting articles that are unique and differentiated from your competitors

3) Keep your blog updated; and most importantly;

4) Make sure you are very well networked within the industry so that you can find the best rumors & make sure occasionally some of those rumors come true. (Note: If every one of the rumors are just that, rumors, then you will be denounced as nothing more than lying to get readers & into the graveyard you’ll go).

So if you’ll excuse me, I just heard a rumor & have to check it out for you …


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Hello everyone, I am back! Its been 10 weeks since my last post. My friends Dash & Prem have been the only ones to constantly bug me about not posting, thanks guys, I appreciate this.

Since I was quite busy during this period, I thought I’d use the quiet period as an experiment, to determine if a Blog stays alive or dies if the Blogger does nothing. I am happy to note that the experiment was a success. Despite not posting anything (cartoons don’t count really) the Blog continued to attract readers.

My last post was on 27th January 2009 and that coincidentally was my Blog’s busiest day. It was my post on “A future fortune in video ads”. Obviously that interested quite a lot of readers.

My weekly viewership chart is given below and as can be seen the worst week had 62 views and the best 160. This is despite not having any posts. In fact I’ve had 1,762 unique views since I started the Blog.

Ok, ok this is not like the most popular Blog in Bloggersphere, but hey, I don’t even know 1,762 people but now that many people know me, must count for something right?

The most interesting discovery I made is that the use of tags is like super, super important if you want to get readers on to your Blog. My most read post was “Web2.0 and the Nature of Man” which had 630 views. The main reason for this was that I tagged it with ‘Maslows Hierarchy of Needs’, which is the main reasoning behind the article. Guess what, most people came to the article because a Google search for MHON brought them there. So if you want to capture Google traffic, use popolar or iconic words or terms & you will be highly placed on Google.

Blogging is definitely a great medium to promote yourself and share your ideas. Once your Blog is on the www, and you have a reasonable number of posts, visitors will keep coming back.

I declare my experiment a success. Now I just have to get off my butt and start writing again…. 8)


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